Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Prophets Today

The purpose of prophets in the church
·        To train people to hear the Lord for themselves.
·        To teach believers how to find and live in the will of God for themselves.
·        To instruct and train people in the gift of prophecy and to help churches establish the right frame work and protocol for the gift.
·        To bring the word of the Lord either in inspired preaching or supernatural prophetic utterance.
·        He is called to a working relationship with the apostolic ministry.
·        He acts as a catalyst within the church to make things happen.
·        God is always speaking, unfortunately the church is not always listening.
·        Prophet is also active in terms of preparation Isa.40:3, Lk.1:17.
·        The scribes and Pharisees failed to discern the greatest sign of all, the Messiah walking in their midst. It required John the Baptist to say – Jn.1:29-34.
·        Prophets are also preparing the bride of Christ, literally making ready a people for the Lord Eph.5:25-27.
·        Prophets are activists. They are part of equipping the saints for the work of the ministry that every church must have access to these days.
·        They play a great role in declaring the word of the Lord to exhort, edify and comfort the body of Christ.
·        Prophets role is in predictive prophecy called foretelling to shape the direction of the church, to cause a desire for godliness and to empower and release people.
·        He works closely with other of the five fold ministries. He travels and ministers with other prophets Acts.11:27.
·        He is always working to move forward in to new revelation and is looking for challenges , battles to fight and things to overcome.
·        Apostles and prophets are linked together to help achieve purposes of God Eph.2:20.

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